ASOS : the best brand for women ?

Let’s talk about asos ! It is an English website where you will find the best of fashion and trends... Women are the most sensitive to buying asos clothes.

Machine fantasies of clothing

Anglo-Saxon clients are very receptive to this type of operation, to this need to find sources of inspiration and to be able to obtain the desired object as quickly as possible. Thirteen years later, Asos has become a giant and continues to grow exponentially. To constantly feed the fantasy machine, the site has created its own clothing line and launched a fashion magazine. With more than 900 brands, a clean line and dozens of variations for pregnant women, small or round, Asos is both hyper generalist and hyper specialized, which gives it a certain completeness enough unrivaled on the market

Asos adapts to any type of female morphology

Asos inaugurated Asos Tall, a ready-to-wear line entirely designed for girls over 1.75m tall. The collection, designed by Asos creative teams in London, had 150 pieces at its launch. Skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, t-shirts, jackets or coats, all adapted to the morphology of the greatest of us. Technically, skirts and sleeves are lengthened by 3 cm, dresses by 5 cm and trousers by 10 cm. Girls who were lucky enough to be tall but struggled to complete their wardrobe should find all the essential pieces of this summer. Asos Tall, which completes the "morphological" lines of Asos, such as Asos Petite for girls measuring less than 1.60m, Asos Curve for the most round girls or Asos Maternity for pregnant women. The Asos Tall range, accessible through a separate section, will bring together both Asos branded products and other brands offering sizes for large companies.

Thus, Asos is a brand very sought after in women's fashion. It offers wide varieties of models, suitable for all types of women. It is therefore one of the best brands for women.